We are RAPIDS !

Don't call it a Dream. Call it a Plan !

We are a cryptocurrency project facilitating the sharing of Rapids through Web Browser and Social Media enabled Widgets.

The future is in our hands !

A Goal is a Dream with a Deadline !

The team is constantly working to achieve the goals it has set itself....


We’re Rapids,

An Innovative Social Blockchain Project

About us

We are a creative agency with a passion for innovation & the design of beautiful creations. We have all envisioned certain aspects of past cryptocurrency projects we would have liked to see come to fruition, and we are applying those underlying philosophies to Rapids.

Social Media Networks have become the new medium of personal expression and overall communication. Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology have also enriched our lives by altering the way we transact through online channels. Combining the technologies of social media along with blockchain technology, Rapids aspires to make online transactions even more accessible. With Rapids embedded into social media platforms, we will be able to send and receive payments directly to friends, family, colleagues, companies, and anyone in between.

We are currently in the development phase and
are expanding daily. Follow us on social media to
support our cause and to stay up to date.

Masternode & Staking

The Rapids two-tiered consensus and reward model requires
10 million $RPD for a masternode and features:

- 2140 $RPD reward for a masternode per block

- 1070 $RPD reward for staking nodes per block

- 60% of block reward for MNs

- 30% of block reward for staking

$RPD TipBots

The Rapids TipBot is integrated on
the following plattforms and can be used.

- Twitter (@rpdtipbot)

- Telegram (@rpdtipbot)

- Discord (Tipbot channel)

- Twitch (TeamRPD)

The commands to be used can be viewed there.
Surely someone from the community will be happy
to help you if you have any questions.

The Difference

Alone we are strong, but together we are stronger.

Become a part of the Rapids community and get involved. On every social media platform many nice people await you, with whom you can exchange yourself at any time.


*last updated July 2019