What is Rapids?

Rapids is a decentralized blockchain platform for Combining the technologies of social media along with blockchain technology.

How can I buy Rapids?

Currently you can buy $RPD on 5 Exchanges, Crex24, SWFT, Graviex, p2pb2b and STEX. You can also purchase $RPD directly with BTC, VISA or MasterCard.

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What are the technical features of Rapids?

Type PoS (Proof of Stake), Reward: 30% Staking & 60% Masternodes p.a., Algorithm: QUARK, Total Supply: 35 Billion

Where can I hold my Rapids?

The safest place to store your digital assets is your own Wallet.

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What are the fees for a transaction?

The transaction fees for sending RPDs are as follows 0.0001

How many RPDs for a Masternode?

To run a masternode you need 10,000,000 $RPD

More Coming Soon, along with Video Tutorials!

Cryptocurrencies and the blockchain are new, cutting-edge technologies that require an in-depth understanding to truly master. Frequently asked questions to issues or just common inquiries regarding the Rapids network can be found here. The knowledge base of FAQs, guides, and walkthroughs will be kept up-to-date for better comprehension and your benefit.