Great Passive Income.

Rapids Masternode Hosting

& Smart-Pool Platform

The Masternode installation process is fully automated and user-friendly.

It takes only a few clicks to activate a Masternode.

One Click Set Up.

40+ Coins Supported.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are also enriching our lives by altering the way we transact. Rapids aspires to make online transactions even more accessible by integrating technologies of social media with blockchain payments technology.

Stake your Coins

Pay with Crypto

Exchange your Crypto to Euro with our automatic exchange.

One button setup

Our fully automated deployment system allows you to host your masternode with ease.

RYON/COLD hosting

We provide “Run Your Own Node” also called COLD hosting so your coins are always safe in your own wallet.

Proudly European

We are proud to be a European hosting platform.

Prepaid system

Payments for our service are paid in advance for the month, either manually or automatically through our automated payment system.

Solar powered Datacenter

Our Datacenter is fully solar powered with backup batteries.. we can't be more green than green