The Rapids Project upholds an ambitious yet manageable set of goals featured in the roadmap. The roadmap is a dynamic list of the aspirations list of the project and the community. The Rapids team will maintain a roadmap that is malleable but also feasible in order to focus on the essential Components of the project while leaving some wiggle room for necessary adaptations.

Q4 / 2018

Distribution of Tokens

Name: Rapids Token
Ticker Symbol: RPD
Type: ERC20 Token
Total Supply: 35 Billion
Initial Distribution: 15 Billion
Completed: September 2018

Listed on at least 2 Exchanges

$RPD was succesfully listed on
• BiteBTC
• Crex24
Completed: December 2018

Reach 4,000 Members

Focus on Telegram, Twitter & Discord growth
Completed: January 2019

Q1 / 2019

SWAP / Mainnet

Name: Rapids
Ticker Symbol: RPD
Type: PoS (Proof of Stake)
• 30% Stake
• 60% Masternode
Algorithm: QUARK
Total Supply: 35 Billion
Completed: December 2018

Release of Desktop Wallets

• Mac
• Linux
• Windows
Completed: December 2018

Masternode Partnerships

• More to come!
Completed: December 2018

Develop & Implement Tipbots

• Twitter
• Telegram
• Discord
• Twitch
Completed: March 2019

Q2 / 2019

Release New Website

Develop a multi-page, SEO friendly and responsive website.
Completed: December 2018

Release Alternative Wallets

• IOS Wallet
• Android Wallet
• Web Wallet

Establish Initial Partnerships

Create strategic partners with long-term version
Completed: April 2019

Get Listed on High Volume Exchanges

Completed: April 2019

Q3 / 2019

Integration of Rapids & Fiat

• Integration of FIAT/RPD to IOS wallet
• Integration of FIAT/RPD to Android wallet

Atomic Swaps

Exchange Rapids ($RPD) for another cryptocurrency without the need for a trusted third party

Web Browser & Social Media Widgets

Stop sending likes & start sending Rapids ($RPD)!

Q4 / 2019

Rapids Visa Debit Cards

Apply to Visa for pre-paid debit card licenses

Rapids Debit Card Implementation

Visa pre-paid debit cards with Rapids apps/wallets

Impact Marketing

Rapids marketing will be consistent during the initial stages development but will expand during the Q4 2019 marketing campaign