The Rapids Project come across some minor setbacks, the team believe in the circumstances these have made us stronger and even more determined and we continue to uphold an ambitious yet perfectly manageable set of goals featured in the Roadmap.

Rapids 2.0 has been announced and is a necessity to continue to grow the network. This will enable us to have a stronger, more rewarding and user friendly community focused project (Details can be found in our 2020 Roadmap)

Our Milestones from 2018 & 2019 At A Look

Mainnet Launched, Listed On At Least 2 Exchanges, Reach 4,000 Members, Release Of Desktop Wallets, Masternode Partnerships, Develop And Implement Tipbots, Release New Website, Establish Initial Partnerships And UI UX Design Of Mobile Wallet.

Q1 / 2020

Rapids Network 2.0

• Implementing higher staking and masternode rewards

• Increasing in transaction speed
• Adding extra security to our network

5 Billion RPD Coin Burn

• Bringing more value and liquidity to the network

Q2 / 2020

Rapids Tipbot Upgrade And Rebrand

• Allowing public integrations on the biggest platforms

• Full user control hub

Rapids Mobile Wallet Release

• Integrate Atomic swaps

• Purchase RPD within our mobile application via Debit or credit card.

Q3 / 2020

Listing On A Popular High Volume Exchange

Heavy Marketing Campaign

• Promoting our re branded tipbot, mobile wallet and network for mass adoption

Q4 / 2020

Rapids Visa Debit Cards

• Source and work closely with a debit card partner for example..

- Spend
Which will allow the spending of RPD in stores at any visa POS machine or ATM

Alone We Are Strong, But Together We Are Stronger!